Follow-Up: The Best Bras

Now that you have the best underwear, you'll need the perfect bra to go with it. Here are our top picks to keep your looking and feeling your boobiylicious best.

One of our top choices in the form + function category is Calvin Klein. The bras are smooth so they don't create lines, but a touch of lace around the edges make them pretty, not just functional.

Calvin Klein Wade & Belle

Simone Perle also makes a nice, comfortable and smooth bra that doesn't show under your clothing but has touches of lace so it's not your grandma's bra... at all. 

Simone Perele


Stella McCartney designs beautiful bras, just like she does clothing. We love the look of this lace demi. It's works perfectly underneath low cut tops and dresses and looks even better with no top at all. 

Stella McCartney Bra


This Bat Your Lashes bra on For Love And Lemons is a work of art. The red baroque lace is gorgeous and the little scalloped eyelash edges are unique and sex-y. 


For Love And Lemons Wade & Belle Skivvies

Lonely Sabel (Nasty Gal) also makes beautiful bras. The strappy detailing looks so good, it's a shame to put a shirt over it. So go for a semi sheer top and show it off!

Lonely Sabel Nasty Gal Wade & Belle

Another bra you won't want to cover up with a silly shirt is this Lou Lou Bustier Bra. The mesh details and cutouts make it smokin' hot. 

Lou Lou Bustier Nasty Gal

So go on, pick up a few of these beauties and look great in and out of clothes. 



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Valentine's Day Special - Look Great In The Best Underwear

In honor of Valentine's Day, we decided to share our thoughts on a very important topic - the best underwear.

Hanky Panky calls themselves the "home of the world's most comfortable thong" and we agree with that. But not only are they really comfortable, they also look great. The lace is sexy and doesn't pinch anywhere so you look good wearing them and, um, nothing else. They are definitely the winner in the "best underwear" category as far as we are concerned. 

Hanky Panky Underwear

Another more functional one we like is Commando. They aren't as comfortable as Hanky Panky, and they don't look quite as good (no lace) but they are the best thing to wear under that slinky dress that leaves nothing to the imagination, or room for any sort of panty line. 

Commando Underwear

Cosabella was questionable for a while, but since they intro'd this new thong that reminds us of Hanky Panky (did we just say that?) we are back on their bandwagon. These are more comfortable and look way better than the original mesh thongs that they were known for. 


Cosabella Wade & Belle

If you want to look and feel beautiful in a more classic way (and have a spare couple hundred to drop on underwear) then La Perla is the way to go. They never go wrong.

La Perla Wade & Belle

And if you want to look and feel beautiful in a more risque way (I mean, who doesn't), then check out Agent Provocateur. The name says it all.

Agent Provocateur


This one might surprise you, but Gap Body underwear is surprisingly cute, comfortable and a great value. So after you've broken the bank on La Perla and Agent Provocateur, you may want to check these out for every day. 

Gap Body Underwear

All of these come in colors other than red and pink, but we thought we'd play along for Valentine's Day. If you haven't gotten your underwear for tonight yet, go on and hurry up, it's the most important part!

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Pin-Up Hair Do's

Pin-up girls are hot. So trying a pin-up hairstyle is always a good idea.

The easiest one is a scarf-tied up do. It's also perfect for a bad hair day, or if you haven't needed to use the "I need to wash my hair" bad date excuse lately and aren't looking your cleanest.  Spray a volume booster onto damp hair and pull into a ponytail at the crown. Apply some gel sparingly and use a medium barrel iron to create some curls. Pull your fingers through the curls and randomly pin them into a messy bun. Tie scarf and go.

retro hair do wade & belle

Another fav is the side pony with teased crown. But don't tease it too much, this is 2014. First flip your head upside down and spray dry shampoo throughout your hair to pump up the volume. Apply extra at the crown and tease with a big comb. Smooth out the tease and add bobby pins to hold the volume. Then tie your hair into a side ponytail behind your ear. This style also gives you the innocent sort of look that will make it so you can get away with anything. Something to keep in mind when you may need to look sweeter than you've been. 

retro hair do wade & belle

For a "I just rolled out of bed and look this good" look, go for the short wavy bob with low side part. Create a low side part and sweep bangs to the side. Then use hot rollers to create soft waves. Don't use too many styling products, any sort of helmet appearance will ruin the effect.

retro hair do wade & belle

For that date you don't want to ditch, Bridget Bardot-esque waves are amazing. Curl your hair with hot rollers and then use dry shampoo on your roots to give your hair lift.

retro hair do wade & belle 

The rolled back up do takes some balls to pull off, but you can do it. Spritz on some texturing spray to give your hair lift (see a trend here?) Blow it dry to give it volume and then part in the middle. Don't make the part too straight unless you want to look like a bitch (which isn't always a bad thing by the way.)  Twist one side back and pin it at the nape of your neck. Repeat on the other side. Pull the ends together and twist up into a soft bun. 

retro hair do wade & belle

Decide what sort of look you want to go for, how much time you have and what type of girl you want to be that day and retro do it. 


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Choosing the Right Red Lipstick



If you are going to create a more dramatic look or try a retro style using red lipstick, you are going to need to know which one to buy. Here is a review of our faves. 

If you are looking for a lipstick that is long lasting, Mac is the best bet. When I wear it out at night, I still have it on when I wake up in the morning. That's some serious long lasting color. Our choices for Mac red are Ruby Woo and Viva Glam (if you prefer your red with a side of brown. Both $15).


YSL's Rouge Rock is a good choice (though not cheap - $34) if you like a pinkish red.

If you prefer a pencil, try Nars' Cruella velvet tip pencil. It goes on beautifully and easy.

Nars Cruella Velvet Lip Pencil

Another liquid lipstick that stays on really, really well is Hourglass' Opaque Liquid Lipstick in Icon ($28). It's an intense blue based red and feels as hydrating as it is. 

Hourglass Opaque Liquid Lipstick in Icon

Make-up Forever is also a good choice if you like a really long lasting lip color. Their Aqua Rouge Iconic Red ($24) was created especially for Madonna, and now it's available to us less famous people. It's a liquid that goes on matte and comes with clear gloss to give it some shine. 

Cover Girl's LipPerfection Lipstick in Hot is a good choice for a less expensive bluish undertone.

This red with a bluish base, Snow White by NYX, is a great value as it is as good as some of the more expensive stuff and is on is only $4.

For a bright orange red that works with cool and warm skin tones, try Nars' Heat Wave ($26).

Nars Heat Wave

Elf's Rich Red is a marker shape for alternative to the traditional lipstick, but it glides on easily and is also long lasting (a bargain at $3).

Elf Rich Red

A go-to if you aren't sure what shade of red will work best for you is Chanel's Rouge Allure in Pirate ($34). It reads as a true red and works with almost any skin tone. 

Chanel Pirate Lipstick

If you are prepared to really splash out on your red lipstick (not necessary in our opinion), Cherry Lush by Tom Ford is a beautiful berry tone (similar to Revlon's Cherries in the Snow below) with a matte finish and a whopping $49.

Tom Ford Cherry Lush

This classic Revlon shade, Cherries in the Snow, is more of a raspberry than a true red and one of our favorites. And a good deal at $4.99 compared to Cherry Lush by Tom Ford!

Revlon Cherries in the Snow

Now that you have more information on red lipstick than you know what to do with, you have no choice - try it. You'll like it. 





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Transform Your Look with RED Lipstick

A red lip is great for many reasons. One of them is that it can easily give you a dramatic look. Cate Blanchett would be gorgeous in a paper bag, but she created an even better than usual look by adding red lipstick. The effect would be totally different without it. 

Rose Huntington-Whitley is another great example of a perfect red pout, she manages to make wearing white look dramatic.

And where with Gwen Stefani be without her signature red lips?

The other way red lipstick works really well is by giving you a retro look, which is actually our favorite use of it. Christina Hendricks is a great example, her boobilicious character Joan Holloway on Mad Men wouldn't look so "of the time" without her red lips. See how different she looks with red lipstick vs. pink?

Kate Hudson, Selena Ebanks and Mena Suvari all channel the 1940s with Veronica Lake hairdos and red lips.


And of course, where would the epitome of retro glamour (who is actually retro), Marilyn Monroe, be without her famous red pout?

So if you want to add some dramatic flair to your look or go for a more retro style, give red lipstick a try.

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