What does “one size” really mean?

We have tested our tights on many different body shapes and sizes. We feel confident that they will fit women from 5’ to 6’ and 100lbs. to 185lbs.   If you fall outside this area, please contact us at and we are more than happy to work with you.

How does the “no pinch/ no dig/ anti-muffin top” aspect work?

What makes Wade & Belle tights stand out from the pack is the waistband we have created. The concept is simple enough: if the elastic band is skinny and tight it will dig into your mid-section and create love handles. If you manufacture the tights with a wider, looser waistband your tights will lay flawlessly flat. We spent months and months on product development to ensure that there was enough elastic to keep your tights up, but not too much to cause discomfort and a muffin-top. 

What is the denier of your tights?

The opaque and diamond styles are 120D and the polka-dots are 40D.

What is your return policy?

As tights are considered lingerie, we do not accept returns. If you have any concerns or specific issues, please contact us at

 Where does Wade & Belle ship?

We ship worldwide. If you have an address, we can get your tights to you.

How much is shipping?

In the United States, ALL shipping is FREE!  For international sales, shipping is free if you order 2 or more pairs of tights.  If you are only ordering one pair shipping is $5 to Canada and $7 everywhere else worldwide.  Please note, that there may be extra custom duties due at delivery in certain territories.

How long will it take for my tights to arrive?

We ship via USPS and your tights should arrive in 3-5 days from when you ordered. International shipments may take up to two weeks.

When will there be more colors/ patterns?

We will continually expand the Not Too Tights offerings. If you have a specific request for a color or patterns please contact us and cast your vote!


Wade and Belle tights