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"Everything But the Dress" giveaway

As we coast into mid-November, the holidays are about 5 minutes away from taking over our entire lives.  The plane tickets, train rides, hostess gifts, secret Santa gifts, family grab bags, and stocking stuffers are about to reign chaos of our usual shopping schedule.  But before it becomes about everyone else, we have one last shopping spree that is all about YOU.  

We teamed up with some of our favorite brands to offer an "Everything But the Dress" giveaway!  What does this mean? You put on the dress and we'll provide the rest!  We partnered up with some of our favorite brands to put together this care package for one lucky winner.



We've long pined away over Dagne Dover's killer tote.  The women at Dagne Dover have a very simply philosophy of "You are what you carry"  -- meaning that if you lug around one of those Mary Poppins' bags with everything but the kitchen sink jammed in there, how can you be expected to stay organized and calm?  Their bags are practically designed and beautifully rendered.  I mean, just look at this image -- they know what they are doing!



We also are including a $100 gift card from ThirdLove -- our favorite place to buy lingerie.  The team behind ThirdLove understands what we want -- cute, comfortable, a little sexy and affordable.  The T-shirt bra is our current practical obsession and the Lace Balconet is our current not-as-practical obsession

                               lace balconet    t-shirt bra  

And finally, we're excited to introduce you to Scratch Nails.  I don't know about you, but we never have the patience to sit through the final 20 minute drying necessary to walk away with flawless nails.  That hatred is what got us started investigating nail wraps, but it was the bad-assery of Scratch Nails that got us hooked.  We love new beauty products and we love supporting new artists and we love having killer nails.


Scratch nails


And of course, no fall/ winter outfit is complete without a sliming, fashion-forward pair of tights.  Whether you go with classic black tights, trendy diamonds tights or retro polka-dots tights, the tights will add another dimension to your outfit. 

black tights


And the best part?  All of these companies were founded by female entrepreneurs!  Before you start buying presents for everyone else, take a minute to put yourself first.  ENTER HERE >>



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It's About That Time - Hottest Swimsuits for Summer 2014

Memorial Day is only a couple of weeks away, so it's time to show off all of that hard work you've done at the gym. Or strategically place your bikini to hide a few parts if you haven't had the time. Either way, one (or all) of these swimsuits will work for you to highlight or deflect whatever you need. 

We are in love with the Caged Animal Swimsuit by Nasty Gal. The collar and strappy bottom give this bathing suit a completely unique and sexy look. If you want to stand out on the beach this summer, this is the perfect swimsuit for you. And at only $58, it's a steal. 

L Space Bikini

If you like the strappy look, but not quite so strappy and would like a bit more bottom coverage, you'll love this L Space Bikini. It's still has a little something special going on with the cross front top and ruched bottom, but it's a bit more subdued (if you like that kind of thing.) Still not a bad price, $70 at Nordstrom

You can't go wrong with Missoni. This simple, strapless bikini is made in their signature pattern and knit, so it looks beautifully upscale. Not so easy on the purse strings at a whopping $456 at Scoop NYC, but it's a classic so if your amortize the cost across the times and years you'll wear it.... maybe, just maybe you can justify it.

Channel your inner hippie with this Vitamin A Fringed bikini. The fringe on the top can either highlight assets, or bulk up what may be somewhat lacking. Another plus is the ruching on the bum. Gives the illusion of lift for those of us who could use a little help. $84 at Nordstrom

Beach Riot Babe Daze Bikini

We love the bra inspired top of this Beach Riot Babe Daze bikini. The pink and black together make it both sexy and sweet, so you can appeal to BOTH guys. Time for some summer fun afterall. Not the cheapest option, $166 at Neiman Marcus, but well worth it we say. 

If you want to go the retro route, this Ruched Halter Tank from J. Crew is a great choice.  A little ruching can also do wonders around the midsection area if you want to look a bit thinner than you are feeling (not that you don't look amazing. Clearly you do. )

High waisted everything is back, and if you can pull if off, go for it. This not so itsy bitsy teeny weeny orange polka dot bikini is an adorable retro, Gidget look. Get the Coral and Cream Spot bikini from Topshop for $68. 


Now that you have the swimsuits you need, bring on the beach. 


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In Our Bag (Essentials)

wade & belle bag
Every girl has certain essentials in her bag at all times. These are the things we can't live without:
Bobby Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner is amazing because it stays put really well, and it's easier to work with than liquid liner. Great for creating a cat eye or smokey eye look. We keep it in our bag for touch ups. If you haven't tried Mac Pro Longwear Lipcreme you are missing out. The colors are vibrant and it stays on so well you will wake up in the morning after a big night out still looking good.  There is a time for red lipstick (most of the time) and a time for saving your lips (especially in this cold weather) with Rosebud Salve. There is a reason it's been a huge seller since 1892. If you haven't already, try it. 
A good book is vital for subway rides or waiting for friends. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt is one of the most smartly written books we've read in a long time. A girl has got to have good breath, Altoids are a must. And smelling good, preferably with your own signature scent is key. We love these small, solid perfumes by Bond No. 9. We don't leave home without our sunglasses, no time for wrinkles here. Loving these Chloe sunglasses lately. 
What is a must for your bag?
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Follow-Up: The Best Bras

Now that you have the best underwear, you'll need the perfect bra to go with it. Here are our top picks to keep your looking and feeling your boobiylicious best.

One of our top choices in the form + function category is Calvin Klein. The bras are smooth so they don't create lines, but a touch of lace around the edges make them pretty, not just functional.

Calvin Klein Wade & Belle

Simone Perle also makes a nice, comfortable and smooth bra that doesn't show under your clothing but has touches of lace so it's not your grandma's bra... at all. 

Simone Perele


Stella McCartney designs beautiful bras, just like she does clothing. We love the look of this lace demi. It's works perfectly underneath low cut tops and dresses and looks even better with no top at all. 

Stella McCartney Bra


This Bat Your Lashes bra on For Love And Lemons is a work of art. The red baroque lace is gorgeous and the little scalloped eyelash edges are unique and sex-y. 


For Love And Lemons Wade & Belle Skivvies

Lonely Sabel (Nasty Gal) also makes beautiful bras. The strappy detailing looks so good, it's a shame to put a shirt over it. So go for a semi sheer top and show it off!

Lonely Sabel Nasty Gal Wade & Belle

Another bra you won't want to cover up with a silly shirt is this Lou Lou Bustier Bra. The mesh details and cutouts make it smokin' hot. 

Lou Lou Bustier Nasty Gal

So go on, pick up a few of these beauties and look great in and out of clothes. 



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Valentine's Day Special - Look Great In The Best Underwear

In honor of Valentine's Day, we decided to share our thoughts on a very important topic - the best underwear.

Hanky Panky calls themselves the "home of the world's most comfortable thong" and we agree with that. But not only are they really comfortable, they also look great. The lace is sexy and doesn't pinch anywhere so you look good wearing them and, um, nothing else. They are definitely the winner in the "best underwear" category as far as we are concerned. 

Hanky Panky Underwear

Another more functional one we like is Commando. They aren't as comfortable as Hanky Panky, and they don't look quite as good (no lace) but they are the best thing to wear under that slinky dress that leaves nothing to the imagination, or room for any sort of panty line. 

Commando Underwear

Cosabella was questionable for a while, but since they intro'd this new thong that reminds us of Hanky Panky (did we just say that?) we are back on their bandwagon. These are more comfortable and look way better than the original mesh thongs that they were known for. 


Cosabella Wade & Belle

If you want to look and feel beautiful in a more classic way (and have a spare couple hundred to drop on underwear) then La Perla is the way to go. They never go wrong.

La Perla Wade & Belle

And if you want to look and feel beautiful in a more risque way (I mean, who doesn't), then check out Agent Provocateur. The name says it all.

Agent Provocateur


This one might surprise you, but Gap Body underwear is surprisingly cute, comfortable and a great value. So after you've broken the bank on La Perla and Agent Provocateur, you may want to check these out for every day. 

Gap Body Underwear

All of these come in colors other than red and pink, but we thought we'd play along for Valentine's Day. If you haven't gotten your underwear for tonight yet, go on and hurry up, it's the most important part!

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