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Valentine's Day Special - Look Great In The Best Underwear

In honor of Valentine's Day, we decided to share our thoughts on a very important topic - the best underwear.

Hanky Panky calls themselves the "home of the world's most comfortable thong" and we agree with that. But not only are they really comfortable, they also look great. The lace is sexy and doesn't pinch anywhere so you look good wearing them and, um, nothing else. They are definitely the winner in the "best underwear" category as far as we are concerned. 

Hanky Panky Underwear

Another more functional one we like is Commando. They aren't as comfortable as Hanky Panky, and they don't look quite as good (no lace) but they are the best thing to wear under that slinky dress that leaves nothing to the imagination, or room for any sort of panty line. 

Commando Underwear

Cosabella was questionable for a while, but since they intro'd this new thong that reminds us of Hanky Panky (did we just say that?) we are back on their bandwagon. These are more comfortable and look way better than the original mesh thongs that they were known for. 


Cosabella Wade & Belle

If you want to look and feel beautiful in a more classic way (and have a spare couple hundred to drop on underwear) then La Perla is the way to go. They never go wrong.

La Perla Wade & Belle

And if you want to look and feel beautiful in a more risque way (I mean, who doesn't), then check out Agent Provocateur. The name says it all.

Agent Provocateur


This one might surprise you, but Gap Body underwear is surprisingly cute, comfortable and a great value. So after you've broken the bank on La Perla and Agent Provocateur, you may want to check these out for every day. 

Gap Body Underwear

All of these come in colors other than red and pink, but we thought we'd play along for Valentine's Day. If you haven't gotten your underwear for tonight yet, go on and hurry up, it's the most important part!

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