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Follow-Up: The Best Bras

Now that you have the best underwear, you'll need the perfect bra to go with it. Here are our top picks to keep your looking and feeling your boobiylicious best.

One of our top choices in the form + function category is Calvin Klein. The bras are smooth so they don't create lines, but a touch of lace around the edges make them pretty, not just functional.

Calvin Klein Wade & Belle

Simone Perle also makes a nice, comfortable and smooth bra that doesn't show under your clothing but has touches of lace so it's not your grandma's bra... at all. 

Simone Perele


Stella McCartney designs beautiful bras, just like she does clothing. We love the look of this lace demi. It's works perfectly underneath low cut tops and dresses and looks even better with no top at all. 

Stella McCartney Bra


This Bat Your Lashes bra on For Love And Lemons is a work of art. The red baroque lace is gorgeous and the little scalloped eyelash edges are unique and sex-y. 


For Love And Lemons Wade & Belle Skivvies

Lonely Sabel (Nasty Gal) also makes beautiful bras. The strappy detailing looks so good, it's a shame to put a shirt over it. So go for a semi sheer top and show it off!

Lonely Sabel Nasty Gal Wade & Belle

Another bra you won't want to cover up with a silly shirt is this Lou Lou Bustier Bra. The mesh details and cutouts make it smokin' hot. 

Lou Lou Bustier Nasty Gal

So go on, pick up a few of these beauties and look great in and out of clothes. 



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The Rise (Pun Intended!) of the Mini Skirt + Tights

And we thought we only loved mini skirts because they look good! Turns out they are also the reason tights became so popular and why we have them today. Models Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton couldn't get enough of the mini skirt, and they needed tights to wear with them.  Twiggy even introduced her own tights (or panti tights - haha!) line.


Thanks for the tights Twiggy, at least you did something else besides make us feel fat!



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Real Girls Eat & Wear Tights

Who wouldn't agree that it's cray cray what they did to Jennifer Lawrence on the cover of Flare magazine? She looks amazing as is, we would kill to look like that. 

And check out what they did to her in this underwear shot!

We don't like it one bit. Another example of why we created Not Too Tights by Wade & Belle. Real girls eat and wear tights, and don't want to feel bad about it, uncomfortable or lumpy and bumpy in their clothes. 

There is a time for sucking, but there is an everyday need for looking great AND feeling good. 

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New Year's Resolutions


Happy 2014! It's that time of year again. The holidays are over (sad), and it's back to the daily grind. It's also that time of year when so many of us whole heartedly make resolutions that we don't stick to. Not surprisingly, the top 10 New Year's Resolutions are:

1. Lose weight

2. Get organized

3. Spend less, save more

4. Enjoy life to the fullest

5. Stay fit and healthy

6. Learn something exciting

7. Quit smoking

8. Help others in their dreams

9. Fall in love

10. Spend more time with family

Regardless of whether or not we stick to our resolutions, it's good to think about how we want to improve ourselves and our lives. The things on the list above are much nicer and more important than the things we think about on a daily basis and our shorter term goals. It's good to make these resolutions year after year, even if we don't follow through as thoroughly as we'd like because they are good things to aspire to long term.

So here's to New Year's Resolutions and better and more fulfilling lives in 2014! Oh, and if number 1(the whole losing weight thing) turns out to be a challenge, why not cut yourself some slack and get comfortable in your Not Too Tights :)? And if you have or do lose weight, why not feel it in your tights, no need for the sausage roll at the top of your tights ESPECIALLY when you don't deserve it!

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Merry Christmas from Wade & Belle!

May your holidays be as awesome as these red and green tights in one!


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