Kate Middleton Makes Nude Hoisery Cool Again?

I'm really unsure about this, but since Kate Middleton has become the next Queen of England, there has been a lot of talk about her nude pantyhose and how she is making them cool to wear again.

I really have a hard time accepting that. But then all of a sudden I learned yet another new (crazy) thing from this British husband of mine, apparently the Brits never stopped wearing them. Given he isn't exactly a style maven, I decided to run this by my English girl friends. And it turned out to be true! Whereas, I'd rather freeze my bum (see how I use a British term there, like that?) off with bare legs rather than wear nude stockings, it turns out in the UK, bare legs are  actually considered RUDE and low class. They all wear these nude pantyhose we Americans are so afraid of!

So, looks like nude tights (as they call them in the UK! It took me a while to understand that they don't discern between pantyhose, stocking and tights. And when they say nude tights, they don't mean weird, thick skin colored tights, they mean nude pantyhose) never went away, it's just an American thing to hate on them like we do. But Kate's influence has apparently made is across the pod as celebs such as Hayden Panettierre, Beyonce and Sara Jessica Parker have been seeing donning them lately. 

I will reserve judgement for the moment, I'm not convinced.

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