Why are Not Too Tights so fabulous you ask?

You may have read enough of our site to have an idea of how Not Too Tights got started, we hope you have! But we realize that we may not have given enough information about why our tights are so amazing and why you'll want to wear them. First, I'll start by including a picture of myself in them in case you think our model doesn't have the little roll because she is so thin. Even she would have the mini muffin top in regular tights, I swear! For context, I'm 5'9" and weigh 126 lbs on a good day. So not fat, but my midsection isn't my forte. Regardless, the little roll has been a life long battle, until we developed Not Too Tights! 

When we describe our tights, many immediately compare them to Spanx, which in theory we love as Spanx creator Sara Blakely is amazing. You can read more about her inspiring story here (in fact, I recommend keeping her story handy so you can refer to it whenever you feel defeated! She will remind you that you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it, and do some good in the meantime.) 

However, our tights really aren't anything like Spanx, they are for when you don't want or need the sucking in that Spanx offers. Not Too Tights are for when you want to feel comfortable and just don't want that annoying little roll at the top of your tights. I would never knock Spanx because they are amazing and perfect for when you want to look great in a slinky dress. But many of us don't need or want that sort of "control" on a daily basis, we just want to feel good. The purpose is also different because unless you wear the Spanx that come up to your boobs (not the most attractive look in the world), they will also create that mini muffin top we are trying desperately to avoid!

Not Too Tights have a looser, wider waistband so they don't pinch or dig into your waist creating that little roll no matter how thin you are. And as a bonus, that also makes them more comfortable! Hard to believe because you are so used to uncomfortable tights, right? Oh, and you can wear the waistband wherever it's most comfortable for you, lower or higher on your waist. The wider, stretchier waistband will fit and stay put wherever you place it! Try them and you'll never turn back. They are as comfortable as we say AND no little roll that makes you feel less confident and doesn't look so good in many outfits. Because they are tights, they will naturally smooth things out a bit, but not in the sort of sucking way that Spanx does. Not Too Tights are also great for the pre-Spanx crowd, the lucky ladies who have never thought of needing some sucking assistance, but because they are human, still can't avoid the mini muffin top. 

Try Not Too Tights, you won't regret it. Do it!

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