Look Great & Feel Good In Tights


No matter how thin and fit you are, it's hard to win the battle of the "squish" at the top of your tights. But why should we have to be uncomfortable and self conscious about that little roll when we can simply make better tights?

Not Too Tights, by Wade & Belle, were created with a revolutionary "no dig" waistband that won't pinch your midsection creating a little muffin top where one didn't previously exist.  The top of the tights fits similarly to yoga pants, which makes them super comfortable. And while the waistband is looser than that of other tights, it has enough elastic to keep your tights perfectly in place. Because the material is just thin enough, the tights lay flawlessly flat underneath your clothing. 

With no mini muffin top, you will not only feel extra comfortable in your no dig tights during the day (or evening), you also won't have to worry about any unsightly bumps and bulges ruining the look of your new dress. No more worrying about that cute guy touching your waste and feeling a little roll. Just confident you looking and feeling great!

Not too confining, not too restrictive, NOT TOO TIGHTS!