Wade & Belle was created by two sisters who were tired of worrying about the awkward roll formed by the top of their tights, no matter if they were in fighting form (or not! You know how it is...)

It all started while they were living together in their first New York City apartment and tights were a wardrobe staple. Ilissa began cutting off the very top of her tights to avoid the digging and pinching. Young, cute girls (or women of any age for that matter) really shouldn't have to worry that a guy might touch their waist and encounter a bit of a roll. It certainly doesn't help with your confidence (and we can all use as much of that as we can get!)

Dori (being the younger sister and looking up to Ilissa - see above) thought it was a great idea and began to do the same, but she wasn't quite as good at the cutting part and was often left pulling up her tights all day. That's when they realized that instead of cutting their tights and sometimes getting it right and sometimes stuck with too loose tights, they should simply create a better pair. And THAT was the beginning of Not Too Tights and Wade & Belle.

It took some time and a lot of experimenting to come up with the perfect waist band that felt like yoga pants and laid perfectly flat underneath clothing. It's not easy to create something so simple and so effective. But when they did, the results were truly amazing. They gave the new no dig tights to all of their friends and without fail, everyone loved the tights and most said they'd never wear another kind again. And now, FINALLY, Not Too Tights by Wade & Belle are available to women everywhere.