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Kate Middleton Makes Nude Hoisery Cool Again?

I'm really unsure about this, but since Kate Middleton has become the next Queen of England, there has been a lot of talk about her nude pantyhose and how she is making them cool to wear again.

I really have a hard time accepting that. But then all of a sudden I learned yet another new (crazy) thing from this British husband of mine, apparently the Brits never stopped wearing them. Given he isn't exactly a style maven, I decided to run this by my English girl friends. And it turned out to be true! Whereas, I'd rather freeze my bum (see how I use a British term there, like that?) off with bare legs rather than wear nude stockings, it turns out in the UK, bare legs are  actually considered RUDE and low class. They all wear these nude pantyhose we Americans are so afraid of!

So, looks like nude tights (as they call them in the UK! It took me a while to understand that they don't discern between pantyhose, stocking and tights. And when they say nude tights, they don't mean weird, thick skin colored tights, they mean nude pantyhose) never went away, it's just an American thing to hate on them like we do. But Kate's influence has apparently made is across the pod as celebs such as Hayden Panettierre, Beyonce and Sara Jessica Parker have been seeing donning them lately. 

I will reserve judgement for the moment, I'm not convinced.

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How Warm Are These Tights?

We've already confirmed that Not Too Tights are the most comfortable tights you'll ever find, but now I want to know how warm they actually are. I'm headed off to Myanmar/Burma for the holidays, and while most of the country is warm, we will be heading to a cooler area to do some trekking.

I know they are perfect for wearing with dresses and skirts in the New York City winters, but now I'm going to find out if they will make a difference during three days of trekking in Inle Lake. It's supposed to be absolutely beautiful and amazing, and while not nearly as cold as NYC, the cold of three consistent days of being outside with no heat will add up!

As I was packing and trying to figure out what I can bring to be both comfortable and warm in, our awesome tights came to mind. I won't mind wearing them underneath other pants, since they don't pinch at my waist the extra layer won't make me feel fat like wearing regular tights under pants would.  And they are pretty warm, so I feel the extra thin layer could make a real difference in my warmth, and not in my small suitcase! I hate being cold, so I really hope they help. I'll keep you posted. Hope you are staying warm through the holidays!

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Happy Holidays!

Best yule log we've ever seen, beautiful candles courtesy of one of our favorite stores @Anthropologie. We'd love to warm up our tights clad toes in front of this fireplace.

Hope you are enjoying the season, whatever the reason! Happy Chanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and our favorite, Happy Festivus for the rest of us.


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Being Grateful

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It's not religious so it includes everyone, and growing up Jewish with mostly Christian friends, it's the one holiday that made me feel like I was invited to the party. As a teenager, aside from Thanksgiving, holidays meant two things to me: either everyone got to go out because we didn't have school the next day but I had to do holiday things with my family, or everyone I knew was doing holiday things with their families and I was bored.  Thanksgiving on the other hand, was mine and my friends alike. Plus, everyone appreciates a bit of giving thanks and taking time to look at all of the good instead of the daily grind trying to get more and better. 
Or so I thought it was the one inclusive holiday until I married a Brit a couple of months ago! It's shocking really, I married someone with whom I have NOT ONE holiday in common. He's Anglican, so he celebrates the usual holidays, Christmas, Easter, etc. I expected that. I didn't expect, however, to not even have Thanksgiving. AND to add insult to injury, this year we have not just Thanksgiving and Chanukkah, but Thanksgivakah (when Thanksgiving and Chanukkah overlap) and he can't even relate to half of it! He's just wondering when his Christmas tree will arrive.  Oh, and did I mention I live in Hong Kong? Land of all British holidays, Chinese holidays, Christian holidays and at least acknowledges all Commonwealth country holidays (who even heard of Canada Day or Australia Day??) and we don't even get so much as a firecracker on the 4th of July. I'm Jewish, married to a Brit and living in Hong Kong. I'm basically in a holiday-I-celebrate desert! AND on the only Thanksgivakah (when Thanksgiving and Chanukkah overlap) that I will probably experience in my life. But I digress..
Thanksgiving remains the best holiday, and I like seeing everyone take time to be grateful. Oh, and if you do eat too much this Thanksgiving (is that really even a question?), Not Too Tights will be your BFF. Not only are they more comfortable and eliminate that annoying little roll on a daily basis, but they come extra in handy when you eat a bit too much turkey and that roll doesn't feel as little as it usually does. Plus they don't dig, so you won't have that even more uncomfortable indentation from your tights when you take them off after Thanksgiving dinner. Two things to remember, take time to be grateful and and be comfortable with Not Too Tights
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Burgundy Tights


We've finally launched our fabulous Not Too Tights featuring a wider, looser waistband. No matter how thin or in shape you are, it's nearly impossible to avoid that pesky roll formed by the waistband of your tights. Well, that concern is now a thing of the past, we no longer have to worry about how that mini muffin top makes us feel or look in our clothing. Not Too Tights will revolutionize your tights wearing experience!

Since we've gotten such an amazing reaction to our tights, we are trying to decide how to expand our color and pattern collection. To start we focused on black tights and black pattern tights. Then staples including navy tights and brown tights. Now it's time to have a little fun.

We are considering introducing burgundy tights. The color is very on trend this season and they can look fun or professional depending on how you wear them. With a black dress, black shoes and a chunky necklace, they work well for the office. Throw on a pair of burgundy tights with a patterned dress and ankle boots and you are good to go for the weekend. Plus, who doesn't love a color that reminds you of your favorite wine? We are thinking burgundy tights should be a go!

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